New York Rangers Analysis: Dubinsky and Rangers Far Apart, Callahan And Eminger Update

Some bad news surfaced on the Brandon Dubinsky arbitration front today. Jesse Spector is reporting that the New York Rangers and Dubinsky "do not appear close" on a new deal. From his full story:

Brandon Dubinsky's arbitration hearing is set for Thursday, and a deal does not appear close. A source has told the Daily News that the sticking point is not money, but years on a new contract.

"(Dubinsky is) looking for a longer term," the source said.

It's about time something broke on the negotiations, but this is certianly not good news. With the arbitration hearing scheduled for tomorrow, the Rangers don't have much time to lock up Dubinsky and avoid a hearing. If the years are a problem on the deal, it leads me to believe that the money is a little high, probably very close to (if not at) the $4.5 million mark.

Spector does, however, try to calm the masses.

Negotiations with Dubinsky obviously have not gone as smoothly as the 25-year-old had hoped. Still, the fact that both sides continue to talk is a positive sign that they would like to avoid the inherent nastiness of arbitration, where management is forced to downplay a player's importance.

The good news there is obvious. Both sides do want to get a deal done and are still talking. This means that the chasm isn't so wide that the two don't even want to deal with each other, and just want a judge to solve their negotiations.

Join me after the jump for more on Ryan Callahan and Steve Eminger.

Spector also elaborated on the Callahan and Eminger situation.

Meanwhile, the Rangers have not had any new talks about a deal for their other remaining restricted free agent, Ryan Callahan, whose arbitration hearing is scheduled for a week from Thursday. Agent Steve Bartlett told The News that while he remains hopeful, he understands that trying to avoid arbitration with Dubinsky is a higher priority because of the timing. "There's a pecking order," he said.

That notion also would seem to apply to unrestricted free agent Steve Eminger, who wants to return, but due to cap concerns, a new deal may have to wait until things are wrapped up with Callahan and Dubinsky.

Obviously Callahan's negotiations were going to be put on the back burner since Dubinsky's hearing is at an earlier date. Same with Eminger, except he needs to wait for both.

It's not surprising that the Rangers might want to bring Eminger back into the fold. Eminger was serviceable last season, and was OK with a lesser role on the team. He already knows the system and if the Rangers want to bring him back then he impressed John Tortorella enough last season for a second chance.

While it might seem like a minor signing, Eminger will play a vital role next season. With Ryan McDonagh, Mike Sauer, Michael Del Zotto and Tim Erixon all hopeful to be regulars on the blue line next year; there will be a lot of youth and a little experience. Thus, if one of them hits a wall or simply needs a day off from the bump and grind of a long NHL season, the Rangers have a guy they have faith in to give them a day or two off.

I like the idea of Emiger, he wasn't flashy last season but he got the job done. Thoughts on all this guys?