New York Rangers Analysis: Why The Rangers Waived Sean Avery

With news breaking yesterday that the New York Rangers were going to waive Sean Avery and keep Erik Christensen fans broke into an outrage.

While I understand the confusion, I truly don't understand the anger.

Yes, Christensen is one of the most frustrating players in the NHL. He has all the talent to be a 30-goal scorer, but tends to disappear in games and is often perceived to have a lazy style of play.

And while him making the team over Avery is a surprise, there are a few things to consider.

Join me after the jump for those reasons.

This is not the Sean Avery of 2007. This is not the NHL's bad boy, who draws penalties, scores 12-15 goals and throws other teams off their game. That Sean Avery hasn't suited up for the Rangers in a long time. Sure, Avery played that way one or two times last year, but he has clearly lost a step, and it effected his game.

Avery was taking penalties more than he was drawing them, and name one game he threw an opposing team other than the Philadelphia Flyers off their game?

Christensen, while extremely inconsistent, is a better offensive option then Avery is. Christensen is also $1 million cheaper than Avery, which was probably a major factor as well.

Also make sure to remember, Christensen did not win a starting role on this team. I will repeat that: Erik Christensen did not win a starting role on this team. He won the 13th forward spot, which is probably why salary was an important part in the decision. There's no need to pay Avery $1.9 million to sit in the press box most nights.

The starting position is Mats Zuccarello's, and Christensen will be playing on nights when other players need a rest or if an injury occurs. Do you really think that's a good role for Sean Avery?

I appreciate everything Avery did for this team in the past. He was one of the main factors that put the Rangers back on the map after the lockout. I still remember getting a text message my freshman year of college that we traded for him, and he's been a fan favorite ever since.

His memories will not be forgotten, but his time had come.

I just want to thank Aver for all he's done, and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.