New York Rangers Game Thread: 10/11, Rangers at Blue Jackets

The first divisional game of the season! Why is everyone getting hurt already! Please stop!

Game Two, the Rangers at the Blue Jackets

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Hey, we're 1-0 and beat a really good team on Thursday night! It's all good news, right? Wait, what? Dan Boyle broke his hand in his regular season debut as a Ranger? Aw, ratfarts. Replacing the power play quarterback and second pair right defenseman is not going to be easy, but thankfully Matt Hunwick looked good in the preseason. Not quite "Dan Boyle" good, but he'll do for now. It's going to be interesting to see who gets second pairing ice time and what AV does without the power play quarterback in the picture for a month and a half.

It certainly didn't take long for the Rangers to be screwed with some huge injuries, did it? Good teams find a way to win no matter who is out of the lineup and the Rangers are out to prove to the league that their appearance in the Finals last year was one that they earned. Let's hope they get another two points tonight on the road against Ryan Johansen and the Blue Jackets. The Rangers aren't the only banged up team on the ice tonight, the Jackets will be without former Ranger Brandon Dubinsky for tonight's game (abdominal injury).

The New York Rangers' October Schedule

Rangers at Blues, 8:00 PM 10/9 (Win!)
Rangers at Blue Jackets 7:00 PM 10/11
Leafs at Rangers, 7:00 PM 10/12
Islanders at Rangers, 7:00 PM 10/14
Hurricanes at Rangers, 7:00 PM 10/16
Sharks at Rangers, 5:00 PM 10/19
Rangers at Devils, 7:00 PM 10/21
Rangers at Habs, 7:00 PM 10/25
Wild at Rangers, 7:00 PM 10/27

Mike's Player to Watch: Rick Nash

It's going to be a storyline anyway, so why fight it? Tonight Rick Nash again returns to the hockey team that he was the face of since that hockey team has existed. Nash was an absolute force to be reckoned with in the Rangers' 3-2 win over the Blues, scoring two goals, including the game winner, and picking up an assist on Kreider's breakaway beauty. Nash looks good, really good. Let's hope that he makes a positive impact tonight against Sergei Bobrovsky and the Jackets.

After tonight's game the Rangers have their home opener against the Leafs tomorrow night at 7:00 PM. Here's hoping that they get to hear the Garden crowd cheer on a team with a 2-0 record. My strategy for tonight- stay healthy.

Let's go Rangers.