New York Rangers Game Thread: 10/16, Hurricanes at Rangers

Please, just win.

Game Three, the Carolina Hurricanes at the New York Rangers


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So, apparently defense is important. We should try some of that this game. Oh, and passes by your own blueliners that go through the slot (in front of the net) while the other team is still in the zone are also apparently bad ideas, did you guys know this stuff? I've never heard of this stuff. While we're at it, are we allowed to just throw pucks into the net? Why don't people try that?

It is nice that the power play looks great at times, but I'd really appreciate a power play goal at some point. The Rangers need two points tonight in a pretty bad way before more people start to lose their minds over this three game losing streak. Here's hoping that we see the team that we saw in the first period against the Islanders show up for the entirety of tonight's tilt against one of the Rangers' season-old division rivals, the Carolina Hurricanes.

The New York Rangers' October Schedule

Rangers at Blues, 8:00 PM 10/9 (Win!)
Rangers at Blue Jackets 7:00 PM 10/11 (Loss.)
Leafs at Rangers, 7:00 PM 10/12 (Loss.)
Islanders at Rangers, 7:00 PM 10/14 (Loss.)
Hurricanes at Rangers, 7:00 PM 10/16
Sharks at Rangers, 5:00 PM 10/19
Rangers at Devils, 7:00 PM 10/21
Rangers at Habs, 7:00 PM 10/25
Wild at Rangers, 7:00 PM 10/27

Mike's Player to Watch: A bucket full of bricks on skates that is controlled with strings by Henrik Lundqvist

Because that would be a better option as a defenseman than Mike Kostka. By miles. I'll go get the bucket. Maybe Talbot should have the strings. Whoever looks the most like a puppeteer.

My real player to watch is Martin St. Louis who quietly has 4 assists in 4 games to start off the 2014-15 season. He's been a big part of Rick Nash's red hot start to the season (as has Anthony Duclair) and he normally plays quite well against the Carolina Hurricanes, a team that he saw plenty of during his time playing in Tampa Bay with the Lightning.

Let's go Rangers. Let's go Bucket.