New York Rangers Game Thread: 11/13, Avalanche at Rangers

Can we do what we did on Tuesday again, please?

Game Sixteen, the Colorado Avalanche at the New York Rangers
Record: 7-6-2

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Tonight the Rangers get Dan Boyle back and they are coming off of their best game and biggest win of the year... things are looking up! The Colorado Avalanche, despite being a powerhouse last season, have not started the 2014-15 season well. However, that doesn't mean that the Rangers can afford to lose focus against the Avs. There is more talent in the Colorardo Avalanche than most people realize, and the Rangers are going to have their hands full tonight.

The New York Rangers' November Schedule

Jets at Rangers, 7:00 PM 11/1 (SO loss.)
Blues at Rangers, 7:00 PM 11/3 (SO loss.)
Red Wings at Rangers, 8:00 PM 11/5 (Win.)
Rangers at Maple Leafs, 7:00 PM 11/8 (loss.)
Oilers at Rangers, 6:00 PM 11/9 (loss... dear god, how?)
Penguins at Rangers, 7:00 PM 11/11 (Win!!!)
Avalanche at Rangers, 7:00 PM 11/13
Rangers at Penguins, 7:00 PM 11/15
Lightning at Rangers, 7:00 PM 11/17
Flyers at Rangers, 8:00 PM 11/19
Rangers at Sabres, 7:00 PM 11/21
Canadiens at Rangers, 7:00 PM 11/23
Rangers at Lightning, 7:30 PM 11/26
Rangers at Flyers, 1:00 PM 11/28
Flyers at Rangers, 1:00 PM 11/29

Mike's Player to Watch: Henrik Lundqvist

How good was Hank against the Penguins? I picked him as the player to watch last game and that turned out pretty well... so he is your player to watch tonight against the Avs as well, because why the hell not? Lundqvist and the Rangers are going to have to try and build off of Tuesday's huge win over the Penguins.

Let's go Rangers! Enjoy the game and the thread.

So, what's for dinner tonight?