Help Support Carly Peterson In Her Fundraising Efforts for Kevin Shattenkirk’s Kancer Jam

Carly Peterson has been raising money for the last two years in conjunction with Kevin Shattenkirk’s Kancer Jam event.

Carly Peterson isn’t your typical 17 year old. She’s a passionate New York Rangers fan who has been raising money for the last two years in conjunction with Kevin Shattenkirk’s Kan Jam fundraiser.

This year she’s one of the event’s top fundraisers. As such, we wanted to talk to Carly and give her a platform to talk about her fundraising. For the last two years I’ve raised funds during Hockey Fights Cancer month, and seeing what Carly has done makes me so happy.

Mike spoke with Shattenkirk two weeks ago about his Kan Jam fundraiser; if you missed that and want to learn more about it, you can check it out here.

Blueshirt Banter: Is there a personal connection that has motivated you to raise all these funds?

Carly Peterson: Cancer has affected many of my friends and family. My uncle has battled it twice and luckily survived. My grandpa has it and he’s luckily survived. It was scary to even think of losing a loved one, so it does hit home with me. It’s something nobody should experience. Kids have a harder time surviving with their still developing bodies so I also felt the need to try to help those innocent people with their battle. I just think lending a helping hand is important. I’ve been very blessed in my life and I have a lot to give back to the community that has treated me so well. It’s also really cool to see random internet friends and people who I don’t know personally, donate to my cause. It shows you how cancer spreads like wildfire and how it has affected a plethora of people. I hate how common it is and I want nothing more than to put an end to it or find a cure. Lots of Rangers fans have donated this year which was cool to see! Rangerstown is stronger than ever!

BSB: How have you gone about raising money this year, and is it different than your approach last year?

CP: Last year I reached out to everyone I could possibility think of like family and friends. Really, they should be getting the credit because they were more than generous enough to contribute and it wouldn’t have happened without them. This year I wanted to get a head start so I stood outside of local stores every day after school since October. You just have to believe in yourself and work hard. It’s certainly not impossible if you put in the effort. I also sold signed memorabilia on my Instagram page — @rangers___report, selfless plug — and donated that money to my fundraising page. You just have to brainstorm and think of different ways.

BSB: Through this process what has it been like with the players? Anything memorable of note with any of the players on the team?

CP: Kevin Shattenkirk is probably one of the best people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. He’s such a class act in every way. I remember last year was the first year of Shatty Jam and I didn’t know him that well because [the Rangers] had just signed him.

If you’re one of the leading fundraisers you get to draft your teammate for the day. I picked Chris Kreider and we went 0-4 but still had fun of course!

But I remember Shatty jokingly told me, “Sometimes you don’t pick the guy who’s your favorite instead...” He’s a great guy and I have so many great memories from that day. Getting to know the players through that event was very special.

I also want to give a shout out to Jamey and Danielle who are the masterminds behind the whole event. They are some of the nicest people ever always doing more for others. It’s been awesome getting to know them too and I applaud everything they do. The setup of the actual event is awesome too. There is food. There is music. And of course the whole team is there. They make it very relaxed and enjoyable. I love everything about what they do!

BSB: When is the event this year, and who is your partner going to be?

CP: This year’s Shatty Jam is on February 9th at the House of Sports in Ardsley, New York. I don’t really know who I am picking this year as my partner. I wanted to pick Shatty but I know he wants to win the tournament and I don’t want to make him lose or bring him down haha. I wanted to pick Mats Zuccarello but he’s doing his own meet and greet in NJ that day.

Brady Skjei is a no go because my best friend Daniella wants him as her partner and he’s her absolute favorite. Her team name is the Brady Bunch and she has raised over $5,000 so far. She didn’t think she could do it and I’m so proud of her!

There’s clearly a lot of things that go on in the background when trying picking a Rangers Kan Jam partner I probably will end up with Chris Kreider again and we will lose every single game proudly! We will have fun doing it! He’s always good for a laugh and that’s what it’s about, having fun. I really don’t care that much about winning the tournament I’m just there to support Kevin and Jam Kancer In the Kan foundation.

BSB: Where can people go to donate, and who will benefit from the funds you raise?

CP: People can go to this link, which lists my page and some more information about what it is that I am doing. All contributions benefit the lives of those who are fighting the battle and for medical science research. The donations from my campaign page are going to the Garden of Dreams Foundation and the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore. Nothing is too small or too big. Anything helps!

Last year Carly raised $10,770. She made a quick video on last year’s event which you can check out below.

She has now reached her goal of $11,000, but that doesn’t mean we can’t add some more to that. Cancer is something that practically impacts everyone, and both The Garden of Dreams and the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore are great organizations. You can also check out her friend Daniella’s page here.

It is certainly admirable what Carly is doing, and for more updates on what she is doing you can check her out on Twitter @rangersreport.