New York Rangers News: Winter Classic To Be Formally Announced Monday

Probably one of the worst kept secrets throughout the NHL, would be the participants for this years Winter Classic. According to the NHL, there will be a major press conference on Monday, being held at Citizens Bank Park (I wonder what it could be?). Anyways, it's obvious that the Bridgestone Winter Classic will officially be announced between the Flyers and Rangers.

Along with that, apparently a logo has been spreading around the internet, and it seems pretty legit. There has also been a photo posted on twitter, that was taken during the Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park. Finally the third piece to add to the excitement, is a very professional looking video created for the Winter Classic. I will link to all of this after the jump, for all your viewing pleasures.

Now don't get me wrong, these could in fact be all fake, but to be professionally done in such a way, it has to be somewhat legit, or at least close to legit.

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So here is the logo that has been floating around, seems pretty legit, what do you guys think?


Make of this what you will, but it certainly could be fake. But here it is the link anyway.

Finally, probably the finishing touch on all of this news, is promotional video for the 2012 Winter Classic.