New York Rangers Open Game Thread: Rangers Vs Penguins, Game 4

It's time for the Rangers to even this series up.

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Game 4 is finally here. The Rangers have now had a day to rest and lick their wounds after a brutal playoff schedule and we're all hoping that we see an energized, passionate team take the ice tonight at the Garden. More than anything, we want to see the Rangers avoid being shut out for the third straight game by the red-hot Marc-Andre Fleury. Everyone knows that Fleury isn't as good as his 2014 NHL Playoffs numbers suggest... even Fleury knows he isn't this good. The Rangers have to take shots from better scoring areas and find the rebounds (I feel like I've said this sentence at least fifty times in this year's playoffs).

If the Rangers don't win tonight they're one game away from being eliminated and they know it. Now is the time for the team to leave their very best out on the ice and put some pressure on the Penguins' blue line. Also, it seems that it would be helpful to not give up three to four breakaways every game to a team full of breakaway specialists. Just a thought.

Oh, and fix the f*cking power play.

Mike's Player to Watch: Ryan McDonagh

I thought McDonagh looked the best he has looked in the 2014 NHL Playoffs in Game 3, especially in regards to his play in the offensive zone. We all know that after Hank, McDonagh is the most valuable player on the Rangers. To have him not playing at 100% has been bad news for the Rangers since the Alex Burrows rode him into the boards and injured his shoulder (thanks for that Burrows). Hopefully a day of rest is just what McDonagh needed to get a little bit closer to 100% and shake off some of the very apparent rust he's had on him in the playoffs. Look for him and the rest of the Rangers blueliners to be a factor tonight at the Garden.

Let's go Rangers.