New York Rangers Recap: Henrik Lundqvist STEALS The Show In Vancouver

Calling all cars, calling all cars, we have a robbery in progress, and his name is Henrik Lundqvist. There's nothing more to say, other than how INSANE Henrik Lundqvist played in this game. He stole this game for the Rangers, and walked away with a forty, count em', FORTY save shutout. The Rangers finally broke their drought, and brought home their first win of the season.

The Rangers got themselves into penalty trouble once again, but were able to kill off every single one of them, mainly because of Henrik Lundqvist. Not to mention, there were four offensive zone penalties, out of the eight that were taken throughout the game. Anyways, enough of the negatives, and onto the positives.

Mike Rupp finally put the Rangers on the board, at the 2:22 mark of the third period. From there on out, the flood gates opened for the Rangers. Ryan McDonagh gave the Rangers a solid 2-0 lead, off a great pass coming from Brandon Dubinsky. Great play by McDonagh to read the play and pinch in to create the scoring chance, and wound up working in their favor.

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Ryan McDonagh played like a man possessed in the third period, notching the Rangers second goal, and another spectacular pass on the Marian Gaborik goal. Ruslan Fedotenko made an incredible pass to Brian Boyle, and he notched his first of the season as well. You want to talk about a pass? Watch the replay, and watch how Feds threaded the needle, and Boyle tapped the puck in past Luongo.

Marian Gaborik capped off the game with a slam dunk pass coming from Ryan McDonagh. The vision of McDonagh on the original pass was outstanding; he is really emerging as another top defensemen for the Rangers. He finally has that offensive touch that he has been striving for. Henrik gave the Rangers the opportunity to take this game, and they answered back with just that.

This is a huge win to start off the four game road trip, and hopefully it carries over through the next three games. From the moment the Rangers scored their first goal, the energy was on the ups. Besides all the chances the Rangers gave the Canucks, Henrik Lundqvist stood on his head and stole this one for the Rangers.

The Rangers will have a day off tomorrow, before departing for Calgary tomorrow night. The Rangers will face the Flames on Thursday, starting at 9:30 PM. I'm going to end this recap with a little humor: "What time is it? Four past Luongo."