New York Rangers- Regular Season Eastern Conference Champions

The title makes me feel so great. Last night the New York Rangers clinched the regular season Eastern Conference title, defeating the rival Philadelphia Flyers 5-3.

For Rangers fans this has been a long time coming, as the fans suffered through years of early playoff exits, disappointments, and not living up to expectations.

This year? The Rangers plowed through any and all adversity that faced them. This was a team on a mission, and it's a team that is still on a mission. This team will not just lay down and accept defeat, this team will battle for each and every puck, each and every opportunity, and do whatever it takes to win.

For a team that was called "soft" early in the season by Sir Toughness Joe Thornton, the Rangers certainly proved that they can stay strong with the best of the teams out there.

The Rangers swept the Flyers this season, outplayed the Boston Bruins, and defeated the Detroit Red Wings of the Western Conference.

I could go on and on about this, but rather than rambling I'll wrap up my thoughts in one simple sentence.

Celebrate, folks, but don't celebrate too much, as this is just the beginning.