Vitali Kravtsov Has Been Given Permission to Seek Trade, Won’t Report to Hartford

The New York Rangers have given Vitali Kravtsov permission to seek a trade after he was cut from the opening night roster.

The collective thought, which has now been proven to be wrong, was that Kravtsov was assigned to Hartford because he can is exempt from waivers, and that the team kept around Dryden Hunt and Julien Gauthier with Ryan Reaves’ status unknown.

But as I said, that was not the case, and the Rangers are expected to suspend Kravtsov for refusing to report to Hartford.

This whole situation is a mess, even more so when you remember that one of the reasons the Rangers traded Pavel Buchnevich was to open up opportunities in the lineup for the kids.

It has also been reported that the assignment had to do with the fact that he was beaten out for a job in training camp.

Barring some form of reconciliation, it is now more than likely that Kravtsov’s future with the team is over, and he’ll be moved in a deal at way less than market value. This remains a fluid situation, and we certainly will learn more about it in the coming days.

We don’t know what exactly was said to Kravtsov when he returned to North America, and joined the Rangers’ last year, but something certainly went off the tracks.