NHLPA CBA Vote Results: NHLPA Ratifies CBA

The NHL and the NHLPA have ratified the CBA, now it's time to get the Memorandum Of Understanding Signed.

While it was expected to be nothing more than a formality, I know every fan has had a moment of pure fear (even if just for a second) that one side would vote down the ratification process and we would be back to square one.

That didn't happen, according to reports, and now hockey is officially two thirds of the way back.

Sine the NHLPA just ratified the CBA, expect the NHL to release the schedule almost immediately. Training camps will open on Sunday and the teams have probably already started talking to their players about physicals. More important (or more exciting)? Teams can officially make moves in terms of sining free agents and making trades as soon as the MOU is signed. That's going to be a really big deal, and should open the floodgates almost instantaneously.

Now, the Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) still needs to be finalized as of this writing. The NHLPA, which finished the voting process early this morning, witheld the ratification results until the MOU was signed, but the process has taken too long so the NHLPA's vote leaked out.

We will obviously keep you posted about the new schedule once it's released, and everything else that's eventually going to happen in between.

But for now, thoughts on this?