Rangers Announce Chris Kreider Underwent Successful Surgery on Wrist

The New York Rangers announced today that Chris Kreider had a successful surgery on his wrist.

The point of focus here is that this was a small bone fragment in his wrist, and by all accounts a minor surgery. We don’t know which wrist this impacted, but it doesn’t look like something that impaired him vs. the Tampa Bay Lightning. In the six games played, Kreider posted a line of 2-3-5, and took 11 shots on goal.

What I do wonder though is if Kreider was attempting to protect his wrist and stay away from the front of the net at the risk of injuring it further.

His average shot attempt was considerably further away than during the regular season, but this may be a byproduct of a smaller sample of games, and the fact that ice is harder to come by easily during the playoffs.

Or it could be that he had this going on, and was trying to remain in the lineup by avoiding situations that could have made it worse and forced him to sit. This is just a theory,  but something that came to mind after hearing the news. In any case, the heal time is a short one, and he’ll be ready to go for the start of the season.