Arbitration Dates Set for Tony DeAngelo, Alexandar Georgiev, Ryan Strome, and Brendan Lemieux

Arbitration dates have been set for restricted free agents headed to salary arbitration.

Here are the dates for each member of the New York Rangers who filed.

October 20

Tony DeAngelo

October 31

Alexandar Georgiev

November 5

Ryan Strome

November 6

Brendan Lemieux

DeAngelo is one of the more high profile RFAs based on the season he had, and he drew a slot on the first date of hearings.

Tony DeAngelo and Ryan Strome Have Filed for Salary Arbitration

Over a week later is Georgiev on Halloween, and finally Strome and Lemieux will have their hearings on back-to-back days.

Alexandar Georgiev & Brendan Lemieux File For Salary Arbitration

The Rangers haven’t made it to an arbitration date with a player since 2009, and the result of that process led them to walk away from Nik Zherdev’s one-year award.

With these dates set, the Rangers have up until they step into the virtual meeting room with each player to iron out a deal. In prior years hearings have been held in-person in Toronto. If they are unable to come to an agreement, both sides will plead their case, and the decision will come from an arbiter after the facts of the case are reviewed.

There are also some new rules with arbitration this year.

In other words, a team can’t go through the process with a player, and then have a change of heart before the ruling is announced and offer a long-term extension.

It is going to be interesting how this process goes, and it will become clearer once the respective numbers come out for both sides. If there is a larger than usual gap, the Rangers may actually head to an arbitration case for the first time in 11 years.

I’d also be interested to see if the Rangers would look to find a team interested in trading for a player with an arbitration date set, if it gets to that point, as the new team would inherit the hearing. Although I’d imagine a team trading for a player would be open to extending them outright. This would happen if the Rangers felt they couldn’t clear additional salary as a precaution for the arbitration number being against their favor.

This is what we know for now, and with DeAngelo’s hearing up first, I imagine offer numbers will leak out in the next couple of days.