NHL News: AZRangerFan, PhxRangerFan, and I have reason to be nervous

The three of us, along with many transplanted Ranger fans, may be losing an opportunity to see our Blueshirts on the road:

The Glendale, AZ City Council is meeting tonight to discuss the NHL's request for financial support of $20 million to $25 million, to cover next season's operating losses while sale of the Phoenix Coyotes is completed.

From AZCentral.com:

Ice Edge, a group of Canadian and U.S. investors, apparently is the last hope for finding a buyer for the Coyotes that would keep the team in Arizona. A group headed by Chicago sports mogul Jerry Reinsdorf reportedly is no longer in the picture.

Talks between Ice Edge and the city on a memorandum of understanding broke down on Monday, leading to widespread speculation that the franchise was headed out of town, with Winnipeg the most likely destination.

The Coyotes were the Winnipeg Jets before they moved to Arizona in 1996.

The departure would leave Glendale with no full-time tenant for Jobing.com Arena, which it built specifically for the Coyotes.

Also, the NHL issued a firm "no comment" on reports that a contingency schedule for 2010-11 is already in place with a franchise in Winnipeg.

Although most would say otherwise, I have always maintained there is a place for hockey here amongst the cactus. When the Coyotes played at the America West Arena, and had guys like Roenick and Tkachuk on the roster, the Yotes were a hot ticket. Years of poor play, instability, and their relocation out to Glendale didn't help build a fan base, but when the Coyotes showed this season that they had a good product on the ice, the fans did start coming back. It will be interesting to see what happens tonight, and whether or not Blueshirt fans in the Valley will be making a pilgrimage to Colorado or L.A. next year to see the Rangers