NHL News: From Beyond The Blueshirts: Zherdev still has sights on NHL

Laurie at Beyond the Blueshirts has a new story up about an interview Nik Zherdev did with Sport Express,

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Maybe it’s for the best that Rangers management didn’t make concessions and released you? Now you are free to choose for yourself.

- For the time being I don’t even know how to evaluate all this. I don’t know whether its good that I have to change teams or not. I must confess: I believed to the end that the Rangers would agree to my terms. Perhaps only time will tell.

Are teams in the KHL among them?

- Yes, they are, but as I’ve already repeatedly emphasized, I would like to continue my career in the NHL — this option is the priority for me. Though I’m not at all excluding the possibility that I will return to play in Russia.

According to some reports, the coaches might have been displeased that you couldn’t keep playing to the end of the World Championship.

- But I played two games in Switzerland with a broken finger! I simply couldn’t play any more!