NHL News: Ilya Kovalchuck Rejects 12 Year 101 Million Dollar Offer

If you wanted a litmus test for what Ilya Kovalchuk thinks he is worth, wonder no more. NHL.com is reporting that Kovalchuk rejected a 12 year 101 million dollar offer to stay with the Atlanta thrashers. Here are the highlights from the full story:

Waddell said the club offered Kovalchuk a 12-year, $101 million deal, but it was rejected. Waddell said it would have been the highest contract ever signed by an impending free agent in NHL history.
Waddell also said a $70 million, seven-year deal was rejected. Waddell said that deal would have made Kovalchuk's average annual salary $10 million per season, $500,000 more than any player in the League.

"If we went beyond these offers, we would not be able to retain the young players on our roster when it came time to sign them, or invest in other top-tier players needed to assemble a truly competitive team," he said. "Therefore, we are aggressively exploring all of our options as we move forward."

Throw this into the "insane" category. If Alexander Ovechkin isn't making 10 million dollars a year then neither should Kovalchuk. Good luck man, if you want a deal like that you're gonna need it.

I am in class now so I don't have time to write much up, but at that asking pice he is way out of Glen Sather's price range. Thoughts?