NHL News: Max Pacioretty Receives NO Supplemental Discipline For Hit On Ryan McDonagh

Max Pacioretty received absolutely nothing from the National Hockey League today after his illegal check against Ryan McDonagh.

According to Nick Kypreos of Sportsnet, the National Hockey League has decided that there will no supplemental discipline for Max Pacioretty's hit on Ryan McDonagh last night. I wish this were just a dream, or some sort of sick joke, but unfortunately it is not. After looking at multiple replays of the hit last night, there is absolutely no excuse as to why Pacioretty doesn't come away with at least fine in this situation.

Ryan McDonagh never makes any sudden movements prior to the hit, and Pacioretty drives his forearm right into the back of his neck, which causes his face to make most of the contact with the glass. Whether he was targeting the head or not, it's absolutely disgusting to see the league consider this type of hit legal under their standards. And they wonder why there is a huge concussion epidemic floating around their league.

Either way, the outcome of this could actually be better than expected. Ryan McDonagh apparently traveled with the team today, which could mean is fine. Which could also be why Pacioretty escaped cleanly. You never know though, but from what we know now, this is sickening to say the least.