NHL News: Merry Christmas Johnny Mac, You're Fired. Welcome Back to The Combover

In case you haven't heard, the New Jersey Devils have relieved (and I believe "relieved" is the key word) John MacLean of his duties as head coach.

GM Lou Lamoriello has returned to a familiar face to guide the Devils for the remainder of this season, as Jacques Lemaire has been brought back to coach the team for a third time.

"John has done an exceptional job. I have no issue with him. Our record certainly isn't what any of us like, but it has nothing to do with coaching." Lamoriello said.



Anyway, how's this for a Christmas present: Your New York Rangers, once the laughingstock of the league, and the very poster boys for instability and poor management, are now the prudent and stable franchise in NY hockey. Enjoy!

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