NHL News: Ottawa Senators say they are trying to trade Dany Heatley

ESPN is reporting that Ottawa Senators GM Brian Murray is trying to honor winger Dany Healtey's request for a trade, preferably before the NHL Draft on June 26th.

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Saying he was "shocked and disappointed," Murray said he would try to accommodate Heatley's trade demand, ideally before next week's NHL draft.

"I have had some conversations with several teams," Murray told reporters. "I don't really have a timetable but I have encouraged anybody that is really interested to try to make the contact before the draft and we will get something done by that time I hope."

Heatley, 28, has four seasons remaining on a six-year, $45 million contract that he signed in 2007. He might be difficult to move as he'll cost $7.5 million against a team's salary cap next season.

Heatley had 39 goals and 33 assists for Ottawa last season. He has scored 50 goals in a season twice in his career.

The Ottawa Citizen today speculated on the teams that could be on Healtey's preferred list of to be traded to.

Last week we debated whether or not Dany Heatley would be a good fit for the Rangers, and you guys voted overwhelmingly that you wanted to see him on Broadway.

So its time for you to sit in the GM's chair right now, and Brian Murray calls and offers you Dany Heatley for the right price. In your mind, what's a fair trade for the two time 50 goal scorer? And don't give me "Redden and Roszival for Heatley", let's remember you have to give something to get something. What's Dany worth to you?