NHL News: Reports Say The Jets Are Back

According to the Winnipeg Free Press, reports are leaking out around Minneapolis at the NHL Draft that the relocated Atlanta Thrashers will indeed be called the Winnipeg Jets, bringing the name if not the history back full circle to the city that lost its team to Phoenix in 1996.

That is expected to be revealed as early as later today and multiple NHL sources have been tweeting and suggesting today that True North has settled, possibly reluctantly, on Jets.

The "possibly reluctantly" part is interesting. Perhaps True North Sports, the new owners in Winnipeg, wanted to make a clean break with the new franchise, but caved to fan pressure.

Apparently no logo or sweater will be revealed, but according to the article it will likely bear little or no resemblance to the style used by the Jets of yore. If that's the case, what's the point in naming them the Jets?

Oh yeah, that's right: to make sure all of Winnipeg didn't already have a jersey of the new team, and would have to purchase a new one.