NHL News: Theo Fleury claims sexual abuse by former coach in new book

In a story in today's Sportsnet.ca, Theo Fleury, who recently retired after a failed comeback attempt with the Calgary Flames, is coming clean in a new book about his "crazy insane life", but also alleges that he was sexually abused by his former juniors coach, Grahame James. James served 3 years in prison after being convicted of sexual abuse in January 1997. You may remember former Red Wing Sheldon Kennedy was just one of Graham's former players who were abused by Graham.

Also, in today's Toronto Star, Fleury talks about his time with the New York Rangers in the new book:

"I didn't hang out on the surface. I would go five, six, seven, eight levels below the streets of New York and party with people I didn't know. Freaks, transvestites, all kinds of shady people," he writes, with reference to his time with the New York Rangers, who employed him for three seasons, 1999-2002.

"Or I'd be walking home from a game dressed in my custom-made suit from Giovanni's in Montreal and I'd stop and buy three or four bottles of wine," he reportedly says in the advance quote, as recently published on the Denver Post's website.

"Then I'd head for the Chelsea Piers between 23rd Street and the Hudson River and hang out with homeless guys around a burn barrel shooting the shit. I would ask them how they got there. I've always been interested in that kind of stuff.

"The Rangers must have been s---ting bricks."