NHL Playoff Scenarios

Let's take a look at the current playoff situations for both conferences. As far as the "bubble" teams go, I think I have everything figured right. If you guys spot mistakes, let me know, we'll go over them and make corrections if needed:

Eastern Conference:

Boston Bruins: IN. Clinched first overall in the Eastern Conference

Washington Capitals: IN. Have clinched their division, and the Caps just need one point won, or one point lost by the Devils to wrap up the Number 2 seed.

New Jersey Devils: IN. Need one point won, or one point lost by the Flyers to wrap up the Atlantic Division title and finish 3rd overall.

Philadelphia Flyers: IN. Currently in 4th place overall, with a game at hand on Carolina, who also have 97 points.

Carolina Hurricanes: IN. Currently sitting in 5th place overall. They will probably need to win out and get some help to get home ice in the opening round.

Pittsburgh Penguins: IN. Currently 6th overall. Could move up to 4th if Flyers and Hurricanes lose out.

Montreal Canadiens: ON THE BUBBLE. Currently in 7th place. One point or Florida loss and they are in.

New York Rangers: ON THE BUBBLE. Currently in 8th place. One win or a loss by Florida and Buffalo, and they are in.

Florida Panthers: OUTSIDE LOOKING IN. Currently in 9th place. They need to win their last two, and hope the Rangers lose their last two.

Buffalo Sabres: HOPING FOR DIVINE INTERVENTION. Currently in 10th place. They need to win all three remaining games (Toronto, Carolina, Boston), and hope the Rangers lose out, and they also need Florida to lose once.

Western Conference:

San Jose Sharks: IN. Currently 1st overall. Can wrap up the President's Trophy with one more win.

Detroit Red Wings: IN. Currently 2nd overall.

Calgary Flames: IN. Currently 3rd overall. They have the same number of points (96) as the Canucks, but are first in the division because they have two more wins. Both teams have 2 games remaining.

Chicago Blackhawks: IN. Currently 4th overall. They will face whoever loses the Calgary-Vancouver battle.

Vancouver Canucks: IN. Currently 5th overall. Need to win out and have Calgary lose once to flip flop positions with them.

Columbus Blue Jackets: ON THE BUBBLE. Currently 6th overall. One more win and they secure their 1st playoff berth.

Anaheim: ON THE BUBBLE. Currently 7th overall. A win and a Nashville loss, and they are in.

St. Louis Blues: ON THE BUBBLE. Currently 8th overall. A win and a Nashville loss, and they are in.

Nashville Predators: OUTSIDE LOOKING IN. Currently 9th overall. Need to win their remaining two games, and get a lot of help.

Minnesota Wild: PRAYING FOR DIVINE INTERVENTION. Currently 10th overall. Need to win their remaining 2 games, and hope for losses by the teams ahead of them.