NHL Trade Deadline 2011 Open Thread II: Dvorak On The Move Again

Good Morning Everyone:

Here is your second open thread of the day. There will be a new thread at the top of every hour, with updated information from the previous hour.

Let's try and avoid all the Fan Posts and Fan Shots about trades, so we can keep all the information to the threads.

Remember, a full recap of the day's events and more tonight on Blueshirt Banter Radio at 8 PM

Have at it kids.....

Update by Joe Fortunato:

10:40: Radek Dvorak is on the move again, getting traded from Florida to Atlanta for Niclas Bergfors. Lou Lamoriello deserves some credit here for trading Bergfors high (for Ilya Kovalchuk) since he's now being moved for Dvorak. Want to know the other play in this deal? Patrick Rissmiller. He's going to the Panthers.

More when we have it guys. The opening hours of the deadline are always slow.

Richards rumor of the hour: Seems like Dallas won't budge, and multiple twitter sources are saying that too many roster players would have to go back to the Stars to get anything done. It seems that John Tortorella and Glen Sather agree that Richards is too expensive right now.

But time can change that. On deadline day, it usually does.