New York Rangers Show Some Flaws In Loss To Penguins

With the NHL trade deadline rapidly approaching Glen Sather only has a few more days to evaluate some of the changes the New York Rangers need moving forward this season. If Sather is going to put stock in the Rangers' loss to the Penguins Tuesday night, then offense is going to be the primary ingredient added.

The Rangers' offense went cold against the Penguins, and although they had a few quality chances more often than not the Rangers couldn't penetrate the neutral zone and had a hard time finding space once they did. Artem ANisimov, brad Richards and Marian Gaborik were all active in the offensive zone, but none of them found a way past Marc-Andre Fleury.

The result? A tough-to-swallow 2-0 loss on the road to a division rival who is doing everything in its power to toppled the Rangers' stranglehold on first place in the division.

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It's become increasingly obvious that the Rangers can use another scorer on their squad. That doesn't necessarily mean the Rangers need to go after Rick Nash, but offense should be at least looked into at the deadline. The Rangers might also look into adding some experience in addition to scoring.

In the end, the Rangers certianly shouldn't panic over one loss to the Penguins, but there have been some signs that the Rangers' offense is prone to stall, along with a power play that seems to be on and off by the game.

So what do you guys think? Should offense be something the Rangers look into at the deadline?