NHL Trade Deadline Open Thread III: Wideman To Capitals

Good Afternoon Everyone:

Here is your third open thread of the day. There will be a new thread at the top of every hour, with updated information from the previous hour.

Let's try and avoid all the Fan Posts and Fan Shots about trades, so we can keep all the information to the threads.

Remember, a full recap of the day's events and more tonight on Blueshirt Banter Radio at 8 PM

Have at it kids.....

Update by Joe Fortunato:

11:47- The Washington Capitals kicked off their expected buying-spree by grabbing Dennis Wideman from the Florida Panters. The Capitals sent a 3rd round pick and Jake Hauswirth back the other way.

Richards rumor of the hour: There are people saying that the Rangers are close, there are people who are saying that the Rangers walked away and everything in between. We won't know until anything happens, so keep that in mind when you see all the rumors. Don't forget that Brad Richards is the hottest topic at this year's deadline. All we know for sure is that he would only waive his NTC for one team, and it's the Rangers.

It's noon now, so the trades will be coming in rapid-fire, make sure to keep it here for all the updates.