NHL Trade Deadline Rumors: Saturday Morning Bantering Points

A quick look at the trade market.

- There's really no better place to start than to talk about Marian Gaborik. There are going to be rumors surrounding him until the April 3rd trade deadline comes and goes, which is to be expected. If whispers can be believed, the Rangers have already fielded calls on Gaborik. According to some sources, the Rangers are trying to trade him by the deadline. According to others, the Rangers are just fielding calls on him.

- There is a huge difference, by the way, in trying to trade and a player being available. Here's the difference: When a team is trying to trade a player they're actively trying to move them. A player being available is when a general manager makes it known that for the right price, he's available. Right now, I would guess Gaborik is the latter. I truly don't believe the Rangers are trying to move him, but for the right deal they'll probably pull the trigger.

- So what's the "right deal." Well, that's the question. Some think the Rangers and San Jose Sharks are perfect matches for one another. The Sharks get another sniper to add to the mix, and they have assets to give the Rangers.

- What are those assets? Well, Dan Boyle and Ryane Clowe are the two names floating around when it comes to potential deals with the Rangers. Clowe has been disappointing this season, only notching nine assists in 25 games. Boyle, however, has 13 points in 27 games and logs serious minutes for the Sharks right now.

- Clowe would be a risk. Some believe he's still hurt from an injury sustained last year -- and right now he's out with a shoulder injury -- but when healthy he can be a real nice addition. Clowe is a guy who can put up around 20 goals and 50+ points.

- Package that with Boyle, who would be used to help bolster the power play, and you might have a deal worthy of Gaborik. Do I make that move if I'm the Rangers? Boyle has a huge cap hit into next year ($6.6-million) and Clowe is an UFA at the end of the year. If I'm the Rangers and that deal is on the table I turn it down. Too many risks.

- Pipe trade dream? The Rangers find a way to pry Ryan Nugent-Hopkins from the Edmonton Oilers. He's sort of fallen out of favor with the Oilers this year, but I doubt they give up on him. Again, just a pipe dream trade.

- Who else is on the trading block for the Rangers? Brian Boyle? It's possible. He's fallen in and out of favor with John Tortorella this year, and really doesn't seem to fit anymore. The Rangers did waive Jeff Halpern, though, so Boyle's role might before more defined. Then again, if Chris Kreider stays up and Jesper Fasth, Oscar Lindberg or both come over things might change.

- Another question for you: If you know Fasth and Lindberg are coming over, do you make any moves at the deadline? That might be the depth you're looking for right there.

Thoughts on all this guys?