NHL Trade Rumors: Rick Nash's Reported Cost Is Insane

If Larry Brooks' sources are right, then Glen Sather has discussed bringing Rick Nash to the New York Rangers. It's something I speculated about last week, but now the rumor seems to be gaining some serious steam.

Before we go any further, however, let me clarify something. "Preliminary talks" is different than "in talks," they're two different beasts. Preliminary talks -- which is where the Rangers are reportedly with the Blue Jackets about Nash -- means that Sather is simply kicking tires. That's where general managers hash out what the other wants, and tests the water.

And if the rumors can be believed, then Blue Jackets' general manager Scott Howson is either asking for a higher price to be negotiated down, or he is insane. According to Brooks, the Rangers would need to give highly-touted prospect Chris Kreider, Brandon Dubinsky, this year's first round pick and more for the Blue Jackets' sniper.

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You already know my thoughts about trading Kreider. I don't think it makes any sense to move him unless there is a young star coming back, and at 27, Nash does not fit that category. But forget your feelings on Kreider, allegedly Howson wants either Derek Stepanor Ryan McDonagh in edition to the package outlined above.

Uhhh, right.

If that report is true (and again, it's just a report) then this deal is going nowhere fast. Derek Stepan and Ryan McDonagh weren't even on the table when Glen Sather was kicking the tires on Bobby Ryan, so what makes Howson think they would be available now?

Ryan is a different animal than Nash. He's three years younger, has the same offensive skill-set and already has scored at least 31 goals in every year of his career (Ryan has 21 goals so far, and should hit the 30-goal plateau again this season). Personally, I'd rather have Bobby Ryan. I think Sather would agree.

Needless to say, I don't even think I would pay the first half of that proposed deal. I don't mind moving Dubinsky for Nash (although I am a fan of Dubinsky's game) and for a player like Nash a first round pick is expected to be send the other way (don't underestimate a late first round pick though guys, look at what Sather has done in getting serious talent in the second round, he can easily find talent with a late first round pick), but I don't move Kreider for Nash.

I understand the logic behind the theory that Nash is what you hope Kreider becomes, but Kreider is too young and too hyped to be moved for a 27-year-old player. Even if his name is Rick Nash.

If Howson were to drop his asking price significantly things might move in the right direction. As of now, I don't see anything happening.

Thoughts guys?