NYR Roster Preview for Game 5

As the playoffs have progressed, the NYR fandom has gotten a small glimpse or preview of any roster changes via their morning skate on game days. With the recent injury to Jimmy Vesey and the multiple options the team has, today was no different. It appears Chytil is back in, and Wheeler is coming out.

This isn't a huge surprise. With the way the game ended, and Chytil being the objectively faster and more skilled player, having him in the lineup is a no-brainer. Wheeler didn't have a bad game and was the unfortunate victim of a bad play by Zibanejad that directly resulted in a loss but the team has to be better in game 5 and that starts with icing the best roster you have and that roster will feature Filip Chytil.

Another adjustment the team is making is on the back end, Miller and Schneider as well as Trouba and Gustafsson have been reunited. Here's a look at the full list of lines per Vince Mercogliano's observation from their practice just now.

Laviolette also made some adjustments to the PP2. Adding Chytil back to this is not the wrong move, but insisting Roslovic keep his spot on the second unit is an interesting choice. Throughout the last game, there were a couple of memorable moments where his poor puck decisions interrupted the flow of play or led to a Panther's clearing of the zone. Last but not least there was some initial concern Kakko was getting scratched once again, but that appeared to be false as he took line reps as the practice progressed.

Regardless of any lineup decisions Laviolette and the team implement, the Rangers NEED to be better tonight. Sitting back and allowing Igor to shoulder the full burden can only bring them so far. With home-ice advantage, the Rangers need to come out swinging and take a stranglehold on this series. Game 4 was a missed opportunity and kicked off a best-of-3 series, if the President's Trophy means anything, it's moments like these where you are facing down the end of the Conference Final series. Madison Square Garden needs to be rocking tonight, let's go Rangers!