Open Game Thread: 11/8, Rangers versus Canucks

Will it be six wins in a row?

Tonight the Rangers host the Vancouver Canucks at the Garden.

Vancouver is the most populous city in its province, but it is hardly the oldest. Vancouver was named after a British explorer of Dutch ancestry. It roughly translates to "the place where cows ford the river." George Vancouver also explored the Hawaiian Islands and some of Australia. Several years after his globetrotting days he died in obscurity after returning to England and being assaulted and caned in the street by a former member of his crew that he had totally pissed off years before.

The port city was birthed in the sawdust of the logging industry in 1863 in what is now the City of North Vancouver. It's first European settlers first arrived in 1862. Much like the case in the rest of the known world, things quickly went downhill from there.

Since that time Vancouver has given the world Paul Kariya, Pamela Anderson and Hayden Christensen of Star Wars fame.

I wonder how he feels about sawdust? Or acting?

Vancouver is home to Canada's longest pool and was originally known as Gastown. Today the city that was once a rainforest with some of the largest trees in North America is ruled by the merciless, godless Immortan Joe and his band of half-life war boys. Which makes the fact that the city boasts a hockey team quite an accomplishment. It also explains that whole setting the city on fire in 2011 pretty well.

Did you know that orcas have been reported to eat moose? And that they are not whales, but dolphins? And that they are the most widely distributed mammals in the world other than humans? And that they creepily display humans that they kill on their backs when they are in captivity?

This offseason the Canucks gave Loui Eriksson a lot of money. They lost to the Islanders last night 4-2 and they are 4-8-1 on the season and 0-5-1 on the ro- seriously, did you guys see the documentary Blackfish? And that whole thing with that guy in South Carolina? That was just... woah, man. Woah.

Anyway the Rangers are hoping to win their sixth game in a row tonight at the Garden.