Other Rule Changes Considered by the NHL.......

While we spent the day yesterday discussing the rule changes the NHL has been trying out at R & D camp, Blueshirt Banter went into investigative mode, and has been able to uncover details on some other rule changes that didn't make the cut this year.

  1. The "Uno" rule: Tie games at the end of regulation would be decided by two players from each team sitting at a card table at center ice and playing a round of the popular card game Uno. This idea was scrapped after a disagreement over whether a "Draw" card would top another "Draw" card could not be settled after a heated twelve hour debate. There was also some concern about Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin getting all the "Skips" and "Reverses".
  2. One Big Giant Mega Super Colossal Red Line: No practical use whatsoever, but some guy in Columbus just thought it would look really cool.
  3. A year round, 365 day season, with games played every day. The idea behind this rule was so that Mike Emerick could call every game for every team on every channel, since he seems to anyway. But when it was pointed out that more Emerick would probably mean more Pierre Mcguire, this idea was scrapped.
  4. Competency hearings for NHL GM's before the start of every season: This rule needed a unanimous vote to pass, but was shot down by the Rangers and Flames.
  5. Term limits for NHL Commissioners was briefly discussed, but was quickly shot down by Gary Bettman, who also made a motion that fan proposals for rule changes will no longer be accepted.