Philadelphia trades Jeff Carter to Columbus...then trades Captain Mike Richards to LA

Well people have been saying that the Flyers would have to shed contracts to sign Bryzgalov and boy did they.

It all started with Jeff Carter going to Columbus for Jakob Voracek, the number 8 pick and a 3rd rounder in tomorrow's draft. After the Flyers dropped that bombshell twitter exploded and about 20 minutes later reports came in that the Flyers traded their captain (and long time Dubinsky punching bag) Mike Richards to Los Angeles for top flight prospect Bradyen Schenn and Wayne Simmons. There you go Ilya, have fun with that offense in front of you

More details to follow

So here's how it all went down:

1) the Flyers' trade Jeff Carter to Columbus for Voracek, tomorrow's 1st and tomorrow's 3rd

2) Rumors start going around about Kris Versteeg to the Panthers, which turn out to be false (Damn you Steve Levy)

3) TSN and twitter starts talking about an unconfirmed trade between LA and Philly that would include Mike Richards

4) Everything hits the fan, TSN begins confirming that Mike Richards will be dealt to LA for Brayden Schenn and Wayne Simmons (Twitter erupts, heads explode)

5) TSN confirms that the Flyers have received a second round pick from LA as well

Damn...that was an incredible hour and half of trading by the Flyers, you don't see that too often