Playoff Hockey Open Thread 4/13

I know we can't wait until tomorrow for more playoff hockey, so we are hosting another playoff hockey open game thread! Consider this a game thread/open discussion thread for all the games happening tonight and to discuss the 2012 NHL Playoffs thus far. Hope you guys enjoy all the games tonight and that tomorrow's game against the Senators has a similar result to Thursday night. Treat all guests (and one another) with respect and try to keep the craziness within reason. Enjoy the games tonight!

Tonight's Games:

New Jersey at Florida 7:00 PM. Game 1.

Philadelphia at Pittsburgh 7:30 PM. Game 2, Flyers leading series 1-0.

Red Wings at Nashville 7:30 PM. Game 2, Preds leading series 1-0.

Kings at Vancouver 10:00 PM. Game 2, Kings leading series 1-0.

2012 NHL Playoffs

New York Rangers (1) Ottawa Senators (8) Rangers leading 1-0
Boston Bruins (2) Washington Capitals (7) Boston leading 1-0
Florida Panthers (3) New Jersey Devils (6) Game 1 7:00 PM tonight
Pittsburgh Penguins (4) Philadelphia Flyers (5) Flyers leading 1-0
Vancouver Canucks (1) Los Angeles Kings (8) Kings leading 1-0
St. Louis Blues (2) San Jose Sharks (7) Sharks leading 1-0
Phoenix Coyotes (3) Chicago Blackhawks (6) Coyotes leading 1-0
Nashville Predators (4) Detroit Red Wings (5) Preds leading 1-0

Which game are you most excited for tonight?

Devils and Panthers, Game 1.4
Flyers and Penguins, Game 2.168
Kings and Canucks, Game 2.7
Detroit and Preds, Game 2.9