Quick thoughts on the McIlrath pick

I have a whole video interview with him speaking to the media, but we may not have that uploaded until the morning.

We will also have some thoughts from Gordie Clark in the morning. I can tell you this, the Rangers felt that once the top forwards were gone, the Rangers shifted gears and filled a need. This is the type of player the Rangers have not had in years. Can we at least let the guy take the ice as a Ranger before we all go nuts?

Alright, carry on, more later.

I've taken some great pics of many of the draft picks. If you want to see them, you can click this link:

Jim's Draft Pics

I'll put together a whole gallery of the pictures I've taken tomorrow when things slow down a little.

Q. Dylan, what is your first thought?
DYLAN McILRATH: Excitement. I’m just thrilled to be picked Top 10 to a great organization like the Rangers. It’s a thrill right now, and I’m just lost in emotions, I guess.

Q. Tell us about what you do for Moose Jaw?

DYLAN McILRATH: My whole on the team, I’m a big, physical "D" man. Try to be hard to play against, and strike fear in the opposition. Also my game is improving. I think I can be a two-way guy, or develop into a two-way guy in the near future.

Q. Did the Rangers talk to you in the combine, or talk about your relationship so far with the Rangers?

DYLAN McILRATH: I had a great meeting with them in the combine, so it was in my head that they were interested. But right before I went to test, one of the guys took me aside and really thought that I was a great player, and I was a great fit for them. It was kind of a nice gesture for him to do that, went out of his way to do that; and it turns out that I go to the Rangers, and I couldn’t be happier.

Q. You had three meetings yesterday. The Rangers weren’t one of those teams. You thought maybe you were going to go to one of those clubs. Were you a bit surprised that it was 10th, and it was New York?

DYLAN McILRATH: Yeah, to be honest, a little surprised. But in the back of my mind, I knew they were a team that was interested. But, other with the other four teams I was thinking it was one of them.
But you can never read too far into things like that. Teams have different ways of doing things. So, yeah, I guess so.

Q. Have you had to be invited to Canada’s World Juniors Camp, now you’re going number 10 overall. Is there a message in there at all?

DYLAN McILRATH: I don’t know. My goal is to make the team, and I hope to get a tryout in the winter and get a great start to next season and hope to prove them wrong.

Q. Have you been to New York before?

DYLAN McILRATH: I have not been to New York, so it will be exciting.

Q. Who were the other teams?

DYLAN McILRATH: Dallas, Anaheim, Vancouver, and Florida. So all of those teams.

Q. As a player, who do you pattern yourself after?

DYLAN McILRATH: I try to mold my game around Shea Weber type. I know in junior he was more my style of play. We had similar points and similar stats. So he was more of a shut down guy and then he developed offensively later. That’s what I’m trying to do here.