Ranger News: report about Grachev not returning to the OHL is unconfirmed

Our friend Brock from OHL Prospects wants to clear up what he had to say about this report he came up with. Here is what he had to say:

Brock from OHL Prospects here. I don’t have any confirmed information about Grachev at this time, and didn’t mean for the blog to read as it did. What I meant to say, was that it’s widely rumored in Brampton that Grachev won’t be back. Rumored was meant to be in place in the article, but as a typo was left out. Sorry to get your hopes up.

To give you a little more information, many Brampton fans seem to think Grachev is as good as gone, especially with it being a rebuilding season in Brampton. On the flipside, the Battalion do have an import spot open with defenceman Alex Eriksson signing in Sweden next year, rather than playing his OA year in the OHL. So it could go either way.

Personally, I can’t see the Rangers sending Grachev back. Brampton will be rebuilding this year without Hodgson, McCollum, and more than likely Matt Duchene. What more would Grachev have to prove at the OHL level? A similar player in a similar situation, Kings prospect Andrei LoktionovHAS informed the Spitfires he won’t be back to play in the OHL and will play in the AHL (if he doesn’t make the NHL). The Spits dropped his rights, so that is official. Considering that Loktionov was less effective as a player than Grachev last year, (IMO), I can’t see the Rangers doing something different in this situation. Grachev is pro ready, a complete player who got better and better as the season went along. He needs to take that next step, and there is a reason Battalion fans don’t expect him back.

Until then, I’ll try to get something official from Brampton management on the Grachev situation. Since they haven’t dropped his rights yet, anything can happen though.

Sorry to steer you guys in the wrong direction though with a typo! Hope you guys keep visiting the blog and I’ll continue to post scouting reports for you guys in your prospects section.

So take it for what it's worth, we can assume he will be gone but as of right now it is unconfirmed. Sorry about this misunderstanding guys we truly do hate jumping the gun which is why we are atoning for it here. Still looks like he wont though so keep up the discussion.