Rangers Acquire Reilly Smith From Pittsburgh

It’s been a quiet day for Chris Drury and the Rangers with the majority of big name free agents signing elsewhere. However, as first reported by Josh Yohe, the Penguins were engaged in conversations with the Rangers regarding forward Reilly Smith.

As also alluded to early on, Shayna Goldman went on to report it would be a 2nd (2027) and 5th (2025) round pick going the other way.

With one year left on a contract that holds an annual-average-value of $5 million, this is a tidy piece of business by the Rangers. Reilly Smith is a recent Stanley Cup Champion that can contribute offensively, at 5-v-5 and can help out in the defensive end of the ice. He's coming off a 40 point season on a rough Pittsburgh team but is typically good for anywhere between 40-60 points. Dan Rosen also reported that the Penguins will retain 25% of Smith's contract, leaving the Rangers only responsible for $3.75 of his cap hit.

This certainly doesn’t come as a flashy signing that puts the Rangers in a situation where they are completely better off than they were last season, but it is an improvement and one that comes as a low-risk, high-reward transaction. 

And in case you’re worried about giving up a second, here’s a not-so-nice little stat about the Rangers history of drafting in the second round. 

The question now becomes, is Drury done? Time will tell.