Rangers Analysis: With season in disarray Sather has chances to make things right

So here we are again, another season spiraling down the tubes with a near suicidal fan base running to the cliffs to hurl themselves off. Now normally I would be on my high horse telling all of you to calm down and step away from the ledge, well not today.

This season is over. Throw in the towel, call the time of death, stick a fork in it they are done. This team can't score goals, they can't play defense and they consistently let down the few players that bring it night in and night out. But why highlight any of it here, you know the story and I know the story all too well.

There is no need to play the blame game, because no matter who you point the finger at there is no way to go back in time and fix it. John Tortorella shoulders blame, as does Glen Sather, the Rangers players themselves and don't forget James Dolan. What can be done though, is making a few smart moves, to help the Rangers for the future.

Join me after the jump to see how.

But in order for that to happen it is time for Glen Sather to admit his mistakes. It is time for Sather to drop the dead weight on this team to make room for the future. Especially since having them play night in and night out doesn't exactly seem to be working out. Chris Drury, Ales Kotalik and Michal Rozsival will be here for 2 more years, Wade Redden(who, like I have said, is playing solid hockey but his contract is simply too big) will be here for the next 4 years. If Sather can remove some (since he obviously can't move Drury) of those contracts he might be able to make room for trade deadline deals that build for the future. For example:

The Calgary Flames have been scouting the last four or five Rangers games, that is a fact. What is speculation on my part is the thought process that maybe the Flames are looking to part ways with Dion Phaneuf, who is apparently unhappy in Calgary. (By the way Sean Avery and Phaneuf wont be a problem, both are men and both are being paid millions of dollars, they can work things out I'm sure.)

And while Phaneuf might not be the answer to fixing this season--since too much damage may have been done already--it would allow the Rangers to have one of the best physical defenseman in the game on their roster who at the age of 24 already has 227 points. He already has a fair amount of playoff experience, 25 games worth, and has proven that he can play confident hockey in a pretty big market.

If you want to see another story on this you can take a peek over at our friends Metro Hockey who did a story on this. You can also check out DBMaven's fanpost on Garnet Exelby. Regardless, any way you look at it, the Rangers do have options, it just depends on the man making the calls.