Rangers Dispute ESPN "Ultimate Team Rankings"

The Rangers scoffed today at a recent ESPN "Most Likable Team" poll based on fan feedback that ranked the Rangers near the bottom in just about every category.

"Feedback Shmeedback!" said the Rangers in a not-so-official statement released only to Blueshirt Banter, "We vehemently (spend......) refute the results of this poll. It says we (join Blueshirts United) aren't fan-friendly, but just last season, one of our ushers held the door for a handicapped guy whose wheelchair (join Blueshirts United) got stuck in the doorway! Not to mention that we provide complimentary soap in at least five of the men's rooms in Madison Square Garden, and we have decided (1994) that we are not going to charge a "convenience fee" for (Mark Messier) the hand dryers. Sure, beer is $10, but the cup is free, as are the buckets your popcorn comes in, and those hot dog buns don't grow on trees people! The New York Rangers defy ESPN to find a more fan friendly (join Blueshirts United) organization than this one.

Also, it is rather interesting that ESPN (2010-11 season tickets now on sale) failed to mention in this story that both GM Glen Sather and Head Coach John Tortorella said "hello" to a fan last year, what more does ESPN want from us?

How could we be rated 96th in ownership (spend.....) loyalty to players? We gave Wade Redden a six year contract! We are lousy with loyalty! Chris Drury, Michal Rozsival, and the (join Blueshirts United) aforementioned Redden will be on hand for a special (Mark Messier) press conference to discuss ownership's loyalty to players later this week.

The New York Ranger organization has gone to great lengths (1994) to show that we are very friendly to fans that are willing to pay for that friendship, and we will continue to prove that every day."

"Oh by the way, ticket prices are going up, bring money."