Rangers Game Thread: Rangers Vs. Sharks

Man go in the water, shark in the water...

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I'm not going to lie to you guys, I've been dreading this game for awhile now. We all know what happened the last time the Rangers and Sharks met; a massacre. The Sharks are 8-1-1 in their last ten games. The Rangers need two points tonight but I think I'd be happy to just get one point and be left with some dignity after the game is over.

Eastern Standings

Boston Bruins 67 45-17-5 95
Pittsburgh Penguins 66 44-18-4 92
Toronto Maple Leafs 68 36-24-8 80
Tampa Bay Lightning 67 36-24-7 79
Montreal Canadiens 68 36-25-7 79
Columbus Blue Jackets 67 35-26-6 76
New York Rangers 68 36-28-4 76
Philadelphia Flyers 66 34-25-7 75
Detroit Red Wings 66 30-23-13 73
Washington Capitals 68 31-27-10 72
New Jersey Devils 68 29-26-13 71
Ottawa Senators 66 28-25-13 69
Carolina Hurricanes 67 29-29-9 67
New York Islanders 69 26-34-9 61
Florida Panthers 67 25-35-7 57
Buffalo Sabres 67 19-40-8 46

We're officially at the point where we are scoreboard watching and we know that every game counts and the Rangers need a way to get points no matter who they're playing. The Rangers are a different team from the team that played the Sharks on October 9th, but are they different enough? I guess we'll see.

(From Master of Disguise)

Mike's Player to Watch: Henrik Lundqvist

The Sharks took his brother. They tore his brother apart in five different ways and all the King could do was watch. His brother came in the water to save him from the Sharks when the king was in trouble. Two brothers go in the water, only one come out of the water. All the children cry. Water become a soup of flesh and blood. Marty Biron become a sports analyst in the afterlife. All of it a nightmare. A real life nightmare.

Look for Hank to make a statement against the Sharks this evening and avenge his fallen brother Martin Biron. Go for the gills and the eyes Hank, the eyes and the gills. And run in zig-zags! No wait, crap, that's for gators or crocs...

Let's Go Rangers!

Farewell and adieu to you fair Spanish ladies...