Rangers News and Notes: Injury Updates Edition (Amazing Update)

Update by Joe Fortunato: Check out this suspension flow chart from Down Goes Brown. This is amazing.

Lot's of stuff coming in from Steve Zipay tonight.
Steve Zipay is reporting that Chris Drury, as speculated, is officially out tomorrow against the Thrashers.

Head coach John Tortorella: Chris Drury (concussion) out tomorrow against Thrashers and Saturday in Ottawa. "He didn't have a good day today...We're keeping him away from the rink, I think he gets frustrated."

Lundqvist (groin or thigh) practiced, says he's feeling better and will determine whetehr he will face Atlanta after morning skate.

As you can see there, Henrik Lundqvistmight miss his third straight game and Chris Drury will definitely miss his first. I suppose no real surprises here.

Steve Zipay is also reporting that John Tortorella is going to "stick with the hands he was dealt."

"I told both Jimmy (Schoenfeld, assistant GM) and (GM) Glen (Sather) that we have NHL bodies and I’d rather keep it with this group right now," Tortorella said after practice. "Sometimes this is where you find out about some people."

Drury, who on Saturday was felled by a shoulder 49 seconds into the game from Calgary’s Curtis Glencross, later suspended for three games, was sent home.

"I don’t foresee him Thursday or Saturday by any means," he said. "Head injuries are so tough, sometimes you feel well and sometimes they come back and haunt you," he said of Drury, who rode the bike on Monday, but "came to the rink today and wasn’t great. We want to try to keep him away from the rink and let him get himself situated. I think he gets frustrated and I don’t think that’s helping him right now."

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Can't say I am surprised by any of this. We all know John Tortorella's policy on extra players hanging around; he hates them. My assumption would be that Donald Brashear is going to be good to go tomorrow, but again it's just an assumption. Glad to see Torts accepted me ideology of "seeing what guys are made out of" with all of the injuries.

Steve Zipay also has an update on Brandon Dubinsky in that story:

Dubinsky, with his right hand in a cast and expected to be out from three to six weeks, said he immediately knew his block of a slap shot from Calgary’s Jay Boumeester on the penalty-kill caused damage. "I put my stick in my left hand because I couldn’t hold onto it," he said. "Basically, it blew my hand up. It was a compression cut, so I was bleeding pretty badly …We like to take away the cross-ice passes, but you’re a little farther away (from the point men). There’s nothing different you could do, just one of those things gets you in the right spot."

Three to six weeks was a little bit more than I was expecting. Maybe I was just overly optimistic, but mark my words the Rangers will miss him if he truly is out that long.

Okay that's all for tonight, we will have more tomorrow.