Rangers News: Can you play defense? Can you do it cheap? Call Glen.....

So according to Andrew Gross, Wade Redden skated today, but does not look comfortable in contact drills (insert joke here), meaning he probably won't be ready to go Saturday night.

This leaves the Rangers with a bit of a sticky wicket. With the addition of Chad Johnson and Erik Christensen's salaries to the payroll, even with the subtraction of Steve Valiquette, the Rangers do not have the cap space to call up anyone, like Bobby Sanguinetti.

From Andrew's story:

The quick story on the numbers, though. The Rangers, who reportedly had about $800,000 of wiggle room, did substract Valiquette’s $725,000 but Johnson is on the books for a reported $660,000 and Christensen is at $750,000 so the Rangers must figure out how to squeeze another defenseman onto their roster. The brass is working on that now.

Perhaps the Rangers will have to shed Aaron Voros and his $900,000 salary. Or Brian Boyle at $500,000.

Rangers may be looking for a defenseman on Craig's List by day's end.