Rangers News: Gaborik Injured at Practice

Stick salute to mjm1724 for breaking the story.

As Per Andrew Gross:

The report, via Rangers assistant GM/coach Jim Schoenfeld, is that Marian Gaborik suffered a laceration when Henrik Lundqvist's skate cut him as Gaborik jumped over the goalie in a breakaway drill. Gaborik went for stitches after leaving the ice and was not made available to the media.

Lundqvist confirmed his skate hit Gaborik’s right knee and, like most observers, he thought Gaborik was messing with him at first.

The Rangers said Gaborik remained at the Madison Square Garden Training Center to receive stitches and was not taken to a hospital for X-rays or an MRI.

"Right now, that’s all we think it is," said Schoenfeld, who ran today’s practice along with assistant coach Mike Sullivan with coach John Sullivan in Massachusetts attending the funeral of Toronto GM Brian Burke’s son. "It’s not like it’s a twist to the groin or the knee, it’s just a laceration."

However, Schoenfeld would not speculate as to whether Gaborik would be available tomorrow night against the Predators.

"It would be a guess," Schoenfeld said. "And I would rather not guess."

Gaborik, who has 35 goals and 34 assists and is on a five-game point streak (six goals, two assists) has missed just two games this season, Oct. 28-30. At the time, the Rangers said that injury was not related to the hip and groin issues that limited Gaborik to 17 games last season for the Minnesota Wild. Gaborik has played more than 65 games just once in the previous five seasons.

No further update on Gaborik is expected until tomorrow.

Before you all panic hear me out. This might actually be a good thing. Maybe this injury will be enough to keep Marian Gaborik out of the Olympics but not force him to miss more than a game or two for the Rangers! I might just be dreaming and as Gross said, we wont know more until tomorrow. Hopefully the news is good! Thoughts?