Rangers News: Morning (or Mourning?) Thoughts

There's a storm front coming
White water running and the pressure is low
Storm front coming
Small craft warning on the radio

(Billy Joel, "Storm Front")

As I was reading the John Tortorella quotes from last night, that song just kept running through my head. Things are ugly right now, too many underachievers in the lineup, and it sounds like the head coach has finally had enough.I don't know if you guys were able to see them on MSG, somehow I doubt it, but I caught them on TSN in between periods of the Ducks-Nucks game.

Check out the quotes, courtesy of Ranger Rants:

On the Islanders first goal being a "dirty" goal, one gotten simply by skating hard to the net:

"That we don’t get. There’s horse*$)#@! coverage around the corners, he just brings it around the net. It’s a fluky goal. But we don’t get them."

What’s the remedy for the way the team started in the first period:

"What is the remedy? I don’t know how you want me to answer that."
What do you think you need to do: "Play ^#(^&@ harder."
As the coach, what do you need to do: "That’ll be something we’ll decide before tomorrow’s game."

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Is this group capable of figuring it out as constituted:

"I’ll tell you right now, the thing that’s unacceptable about tonight’s game and we’re trying to stay positive around here, trying to work our way through it, but when we play like ^*^#@ like that for 20 minutes in a game like this in a back-to-back situation, it’s unacceptable. I’m not even going back as far as a month and are we capable. It’s simply unacceptable. There has to be something done and we’ll see along the way before tomorrow night’s game. We’ll see where we go with them. It’s just simply unacceptable how we started that game. I wish I could give you a ($@#*%# explanation about it. I can’t.

If you click the link above for Ranger Rants, there are also quotes from the players, but its pretty much the standard "we need to be mentally tougher", and "we need to set the pace" stuff we've heard for a month.

TSN has video of some of the Torts stuff on their NHL page.

So will we see changes tonight? What changes will they be? Bobby Sanguinetti is waiting in the wings, will he take Rozsival's spot in the lineup? Are undeserving forwards still going to be given bulks of ice time? I guess we will find out as the day goes on.