Rangers News: Rangers, Staal "closer" to a deal

Andrew Gross at Ranger Rants is reporting that an nhl source has told him the Rangers and Marc Staal are "getting closer" to a new deal.

From Andrew Gross: (click link for full story)

When I asked the source whether the issue was more length of contract, as I’ve been speculating, or the money aspect, the source replied, "It’s always about the money." However, it still seems like length of contract was a negotiating point as that ties into the money aspect. As stated before, Staal likely wants a shorter-term deal so he can get to unrestricted free agency quicker while the Rangers likely would like to lock their No. 1 defenseman up for a longer period.

As you may have noticed in the Fan Posts, sportsnet.ca is also reporting the story.

Hopefully this will get done in the coming days.