Rangers News: Wade Redden To Report To Hartford

In a surprising move, recently waived Wade Redden will report to Hartford instead of playing in Europe. Here is the tweet from Larry Brooks:

NYP_Brooksie NEWS: Agent Don Meehan texts that Redden will report to AHL Hartford on Wednesday.

There were conflicting reports that lead to the belief that Redden was not going to report to the AHL. Glen Sather was quoted as saying that he would allow Don Meehan and Redden to talk to other teams. Obviously nothing came from those talks.

This isn't the greatest news for the Rangers. had Redden refused to report to Hartford then his contract would have been nullified and the Rangers wouldn't have to pay him the remainder of his salary. It also would have minimized the number of veterans in the AHL, since the Rangers are dangerously close to the limit of NHL veterans permitted to play in the AHL.

Anyway, thoughts on this guys?