Rangers Notebook 4.8.09

As the Rangers get ready for tomorrow night's possible playoff clincher against the Flyers, here are some notes for your Wednesday afternoon:

Lohud.com: No more stress? Yeah, right.

Thanks to Rick Carpiniello for clearing up something that was driving me nuts watching the game last night: Those stupid Subway ads that were superimposed on the glass, I didn't remember ever seeing them before, but felt stupid because I thought maybe I'd just never noticed them. I guess they are new. Ok, I admit, dumb thing to be worried about given the Rangers current situation, but this is how my mind works.

Newsday: Drury's goals bring Rangers close to playoffs.

NY Post: Rangers on the Brink

I have to disagree with Scott Soldwedel here. Just getting into the playoff is not going to "mollify" many fans. I think Ranger fans are smart enough to know that getting into the playoffs and getting bounced in the first round is not going to be considered successful.

If the Rangers get in the playoffs, and get swept by Boston or Washington, are you going to be any more satisfied with this season because you got to see two more home games?

Sorry, just getting into the playoffs isn't going to "mollify" me.

Your thoughts?

I'll have more later today after the practice notes filter in .