Rangers Notes: Christensen Sits Out Practice, Who's Between The Pipes Tomorrow?

Andrew Gross has a few tidbits from practice:

As reported earlier, Erik Christensen (right groin) was the only Ranger not on the ice for practice but coach John Tortorella called it a "maintenance day" and said Christensen would play tomorrow at Boston.

Now for me, a "maintenance day" means $20 and a back alley massage parlor, so I say good for EC.

"You can’t control the result but you can control the process of getting the proper result," Tortorella said, summarizing what he told his team prior to Thursday’s game. "Do it again. That’s how you win. That’s how you get to where you want to be at the end of the year. Do it again. The room sustains itself. We’re working on our identity as a hockey club and how we’re perceived by how we play."

This team has lacked an identity for a very long time, at least a positive one. It takes more than one game to establish that, but here's hoping they are on their way.

Time for me to play the role of the turd in the punch bowl. I've seen the debate on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace (ok not really on MySpace), and other places about who starts in goal tomorrow night. Andrew Gross speculated that it would be Hank, and it probably will be.

But if I ran the zoo, I'm starting Martin Biron tomorrow night. Yes, I know Hank is the starting goaltender. Yes, I know Hank puts up terrific numbers against the Bruins. Yes, I know he is the "King" and all that jazz. Yes, I know that much like myself he is not only very talented but also blessed with good looks (I read that on Facebook). Yes, I know that millions of Lundqvist supporters will burn down my house for even suggesting this (I read that on Facebook too).

I still think they should start Biron tomorrow. Biron played a terrific game last night, and the Rangers played well in front of him. Tortorella has said he wanted to give Biron back to back games if the opportunity presented itself, why not now? This way Hank can play Sunday night against Fatso, and be well rested.

By the way, if the Rangers do start Biron tomorrow, and he bombs, I'm deleting this post.

Have a good weekend guys and girls, see you in the game thread tomorrow.