Rangers News: Rangers Qualify Zherdev

As per Steve Zippay over at Newsday Glen Sather decided to qualify Zherdev and other restricted free agents on the Rangers (no other names were mentioned but you can assume Callahan and Dubinsky). Interestingly enough Freddie Sjostrom was not qualified as of this point. Tortorella did like Sjostrom a lot so this might not be the end for him, but it is rather curious as to why Sather isn’t reaching out to him. I do like the fact that they are trying to keep Zherdev, I think the kid is too good to let go as of right now.

Zippay also reports that Antropov and Sather had discussions about an extension which resulted in Sather saying that "Antropov’s agent was overpricing his client." No surprise here, most of us at the Banter reported that he would be too expensive. Regardless let another team overpay for him; unless he decides to bring his price down he won’t be in Ranger blue this year.

We will have more on all of this once we get some more information.