Rangers Recap: Detroit 3 Rangers 1

Well you can't say that they didn't have their chances. The New York Rangers had every opportunity to win this game and they simply didn't. I can cite Sean Avery botching a wide open net on one of the Rangers 4 power plays (3 of them late in the 3rd).

Marian Gaborik didn’t get a shot on net for the first time all season (I believe someone check that for me) which was a small problem but he did set up a few plays that (obviously) didn’t go in.

Honestly the bulk of this game falls on Ryan Callahan and Chris Higgins. I don’t care how many scoring chances they are generating or how well they are playing them not scoring directly lead to this Rangers loss. Callahan didn’t convert a penalty shot and he also flubbed a semi-breakaway. Higgins couldn’t finish two brilliant chances all alone in front and he also missed a breakaway opportunity. I have said this before and I will say it again: them not scoring goals are costing the Rangers games.

Also Jim brought this up after the game: once again when the Rangers relied on Chris Drury he let them down. He took the final face-off of the night (and definitely the most important) for the Rangers and lost it clean. When he is not winning face-offs he is useless and he proved that again tonight, 2 goals so far this season is a horrible thing for me to have to look at night in and night out.

As for Henrik Lundqvist I don’t really know what to say. He was brilliant all game except for one mistake which coasted the Rangers. Looks like the Rangers of old eh? They can’t score, they play well and they lose yet another 1 goal game.

This is way too important for the “empty netters” section below so here it goes. Stephen Valiquette (remember him) was sent down to the minors to find his game after a relatively disastrous season so far. Well his game isn’t in Hartford either. So far he has started both games and been pulled from both of them but not before giving up 10 goals in what amounts up to three periods. This is slowly turning into a HUGE problem for the Rangers, who now don’t have a viable option to run with as a back-up. Keep an eye on this one because we may see a shake up soon.

Empty Netters:

  • Michael Del Zotto played the most minutes of any defenseman on the team and has handled his step up in ice time very well. He is easily the best defenseman overall on this team right now.

  • Even when Gaborik isn’t playing well (and this was by far his worst game as a Ranger) he is still noticeable and makes a difference when he is on the ice.

  • Enver Lisin has one of his best games as a Ranger tonight, good for him we need him to step up.

  • Erik Christensen is making a successful start to his Rangers career. He is awesome on face-offs which has helped the Rangers massively. (Maybe you should take notes “Captain Clutch”)

  • Also it should be noted that it is looking more and more like John Tortorella has lost this team. He better turn this around soon before things get worse.

Nothing else to say about this, it was a rough game to accept. Vent out in the comments.