Rangers Recap: The Power Play Fails The Rangers... Again

The last two minutes of tonight's 3-2 loss to the Detroit Red Wings exemplified everything that is currently ailing this Rangers team. With the game on the line, the Rangers were on a power play for the last 3:40 of the game. The Rangers fail to create an opportunity and then Sean Avery is clipped (again) giving them a brief 5 on 3. The offensive zone draw is lost and the Red Wings clear the zone ending the the two man advantage. For the remainder of the power play, the Rangers struggle to gain the zone and are unable to get the puck to the net. Marian Gaborik was nowhere to be found and the Rangers need for a power play quarterback was obvious.

Another effort that was good enough to win was wasted by an impotent power play.

The Rangers fired 47 shots on Jimmy Howard. Tip your caps to him, he played a helluva game. But his job was made easier by the fact that the Rangers sticks are ice cold. Goals by Derek Stepan and Brandon Dubinsky gave the Rangers hope but they have to be able to capatilize on more of their chances.

Pavel Datsyuk made his return to the lineup and he nearly beat the Rangers by himself. A goal, an assist, and the illusion that he was everywhere and anywhere on the ice was a nightmare for the Rangers defenseman.

Marty Biron made 32 saves and gave the Rangers to chance, but it wasn't good enough to keep the Rangers losing streak from hitting five.

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